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The Greater Heights Apartments offer affordable housing for working families and seniors on the site of what was once a block notorious for criminal activity. In a joint project with the City of Melbourne and Brevard County, the dilapidated, asbestos-riddled structures were demolished; in their place is now a haven of clean, well-maintained, and colorful apartments.

A recent survey of crime statistics by the Melbourne Police Department shows crime has declined significantly in the area since the construction in 2009 of the Greater Heights Apartments.  Law enforcement reports a growing level of trust from the community, aided by regular meetings with residents and positive interaction with children at the DOCK.

The dramatic drop in crime is a result not only of the change in the physical structures in the neighborhood, but in the people who live in them.  Potential Greater Heights tenants are carefully screened to ensure that there is no return to the old ways of drug dealing and other criminal activity.

Tenants who live in the Greater Heights apartments, and residents throughout the BTW community, have learned that increased personal safety and community security are possible through teamwork with law enforcement personnel. This project has not only provided affordable housing to families and seniors who need it, but has also created a harmonious community of people who take pride in their homes, replacing a once-derelict part of town with an attractive, clean, well-kept neighborhood.

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